Promoting Effective Partnering

In September 2015, the world community agreed on a new, universal plan for a sustainable future comprising 17 goals with 169 targets: the Sustainable Development Goals.

The PEP Facility intends to drive the global movement for quality effective partnering for the Sustainable Development Goals.  The site aims to brings together the foremost work on partnering theory and implementation.

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“We need to mobilize, not only governments, not only civil society and academia, but also the business sector in order to take advantage of the Paris agreement and Agenda 2030, and to be together in a new form of partnership”

Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General

PEP invites you to join our efforts to stimulate increasing excellence in partnering. Read through this website, link to useful resources, find support organisations, and join the conversation.

New to partnering?

If you are new to partnering and wondering where to start, please follow this link for a beginner’s guide.  Find out more>

Context, Reach and Impact

Ensuring context specificity, maximum reach and sustainable solutions.

Strategy and Partnership Development

Close collaboration, co-creation of the programme of work and maximising partner diversity optimises results

Collaboration and Communication

Building collaboration competencies, purposeful communications, trust, and meaningful engagement.

Governance and Resourcing

Building well resourced, fit for purpose partnering models to achieve lasting results.


Learning what has and hasn’t worked, and why, to improve partnering practice